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It is through authentic genuine connection and expression that we are able to heal. Therefore I provide a variety of ways to connect based on what you are working on at this moment in your healing journey.

  • Let's talk about Sex Bebe! Help in healing around sex, sexuality and relationships.

  • The Witchy Experience! Want the magic brought back into the mundane of your life to inspire your next personal transformation? What better way than to seek the services of a Witch! Tarot, candle magick and more are brought in as tools to help you connect with the divine within. Learn to work with your energy, intention and action to magically make the desired changes in your life. 

  • Shadow Work: This is for those ready to tackle the harder elements of healing and face the core wounding of our past.

  • Tarot and Oracle Readings! I do short and long form readings using a combination of decks to help seekers find clarity and guidance. 


Important healing takes place within our relationships when we can co-regulate, communicate and share ourselves with each other from a place of authenticity. I offer support, skill building and education to couples, throuples, polycules and the kink, BDSM community. 

  • Communicate with me Bebe! For those in relationships who want tools on how to improve communication.

  • Go Deeper with me Bebe! For those in relationships who want to spice things up and/or begin exploring their sexuality to improve their connections and intimacy.

  • Not your mama's sex education! Face it, no one got the sex education they needed and still do. I curate educational classes to the groups needs, wants and hopefully we get to their deepest desires.

  • Intro to kink and BDSM! Want to learn or explore this area of your sexuality but don't know where to begin? I love helping folks begin their spicy journey feeling safe and with confidence.   

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