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Helping Humans Love Themselves and Each Other

If you would like the professional bio with degrees and years of work experience, please feel free to ask in person. One thing about me is I like to be as authentic as possible and prefer to tell my story from the human perspective. I was born and adopted in Kansas before moving to Omaha for college. As a small human I felt lots of things that I knew to be emotions. What I didn't realize then, but understand now, is that I was feeling my emotions and those of the humans around me. They must have sensed something as well because this also led to many humans being compelled to share with me the darker, scarier and more traumatizing chapters of their stories. I knew by the time the high school guidance counselor was asking the grand question, what do you want to do with your life?, that I was clearly meant to listen and help others feel through these experiences. 

Ever since I have been sitting with, listening and helping others process their experiences and turn grief, pain and sorrow into hope and self love. I believe we are all the experts on ourselves and therefore should be empowered to align our free will with whatever brings out our unique essence. When we are living as our authentic self we are able to create the life and world we deserve. 

I have gathered an eclectic bag of wisdom and skills that I bring to the table as offerings to help those who seek what they need from me. I am always honored when being entrusted to be apart of others journey's. However, I also know I can not be everyone's cup of tea. If we do not vibe, I am always able to help connect to a helper who is a better fit for folks specific wants and needs.

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