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Being Storytellers

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Hey Humans! This week on the pod we are in conversation with one of my dearest and oldest friends Shawnsey. The theme for today's episode is Being Storytellers. As a therapist I work with other humans to process through the story of their life in order to grow, heal and change. Shawnsey is a writer who creates stories and has taught others how to write them. Our shared history began way back in the day when we attended the same Catholic high school. We discuss how Religion as storytelling shaped our experiences then and how our understanding of those experiences has changed over time. We discuss the innate human trait to use storytelling as a means of evolving and contemplate how and why it shifted to be a means of asserting power and control over others. We get deep, we get silly, I am LOUD and talk fast, but hopefully it will be as good of a listen for you as it was for us chatting.

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