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We all need healing...

Simply put, the journey for each human is hard and will require multiple seasons of healing. Humans require other humans to be present, listen and hold them with love while they endure whatever pain needs to be healed. Our healing is a phase of our journey where self reflection and growth take place. Other humans are meant to act as a mirror to reflect upon in order to gain a better understanding of one's self and their connection to their greater good. Without others ears to listen, light to illuminate our shadow and hands to comfort us along the way, we can easily get lost, overwhelmed and confused. Healing is not meant to be done in isolation and it absolutely doesn't always need to look like sitting, talking and crying. Those are all part of the process, but healing with other humans can be fun too.  Far to many humans do not heal in the presence of others which is why I feel called to be a witness to this phase of the journey. 

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